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Joint Women's Leadership Symposium (JWLS)

2020 JWLS Update

Nation’s Largest Military Women’s Conference Goes Virtual to Support Women Who Serve

Sea Services Leadership Association announces virtual leadership series for military servicewomen and veterans

WASHINGTON, DC (July, 7 2020) – The Sea Services Leadership Association (SSLA) announces the development of The Joint Women’s Leadership Virtual Series, a 12-week webinar program to provide professional development for military servicewomen and veterans. 

“While we are disappointed we could not host our 2020 in-person conference, we are looking forward to this virtual opportunity to bring thousands of service members together for the premier professional development content our attendees count on SSLA to provide” said SSLA President Marine Lt. Col. Jenny Storm. “We hope that this virtual series will make it possible for even more military women to benefit from our programs. At the same time, we’re looking forward to JWLS 2021 and gathering in person.”

The free series will kick off August 10 with an introduction and chance to meet the SSLA Board and learn more about the organization and the Joint Women’s Leadership Symposium. The series will continue through December 2020, covering topics such as finance, leadership, work/life balance, and policy, and are inclusive to all services. One session for both service members and veterans will focus on the transition process.

The Joint Women’s Leadership Symposium (JWLS) is recognized as the premier professional and personal development conference for women in the military. Past symposia have featured senior leaders from the White House, Department of Defense and the private sector. Attendees have lauded the symposium for its delivery of practical, immediately applicable knowledge and skills, and for the exposure, it has given them to a wide range of high-profile leaders and organizations. This is an event that cannot be missed for women and men of all ranks looking to benefit from networking, mentoring, education, and leadership development training. The 2021 dates will be announced later this summer.

Register for our August 10th Meet the Board Session here.

Regular updates will be posted on SSLA’s website and the Joint Women’s Leadership Symposium's social media channels. 


CoChair: Lt. Corinne Powers, USCG,

CoChair: Lt. Cmdr. Theresa Carpenter, USN,

About JWLS

  • The Joint Women's Leadership Symposium (JWLS) is open to Active, Reserve and Retired Military service members from all service branches, DoD Civilians, the National Guard, NOAA and our international allies.
  • The Symposium is planned and executed by the Sea Services Leadership Association (SSLA).
  • JWLS traditionally rotates between fleet concentration areas and has been held in Washington D.C., Norfolk, VA and San Diego, CA over past years.
  • JWLS attendance ranges in size from 900-1500 attendees dependent on the hosting location and regularly has representatives from various allied countries, including Canada, Australia, Denmark, Sweden, South Korea, and more in attendance. 
  • In past years, several speeches and panels were televised live by prominent media outlets, including C-SPAN.
  • The Symposium is the largest gathering of military women in the nation and has been recognized as the premier professional and personal development conference for women in the military.

JWLS Impact

In 2018, over 83 percent of the participants agreed that JWLS impacted their attitudes towards continuing their military service.

"Before attending JWLS I was struggling with my place within my organization and if I wanted to continue my service.  After attending and hearing what some of these powerful, successful women had to say, it reminded me of my purpose and why I joined in the first place." - JWLS 2018 Attendee

Highlights from JWLS 2019

To view all 300+ photos from the event visit our 2019 JWLS flickr page

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